Anatomy–Physiology for Interpreters in Healthcare: English Only



Materials covered in this set: A 160-page text in English and in Spanish on the various systems of the human body. This text is divided into the following sections: The Cell, The Bones, The Skeleton, The Joints, Bone and Joint Disorders, The Muscles, The Tendons, Muscle Injuries and Disorders, The Skin System, Skin Disorders, The Urinary System, Urinary Tract Disorders, The Digestive System, The Digestion of Food, Components of Foods, Tongue, Nose, Teeth, Some Digestive Tract Disorders, Breathing and Swallowing, The Respiratory System, Respiratory Infections, Diseases and Disorders, The Cardiovascular System, The Heart, Heart Diseases, The Blood, Blood Groups, Blood Diseases, The Lymphatic or Immune System, Infectious Organisms, Venoms and Toxins, Lymphatic and Immune System Disorders, The Nervous System, The Encephalon and The Brain, Some Neurological Disorders, Some Neurological Tumors, Infections and Injuries, The Five Senses, The Eye, Visual Problems, The Ear, Hearing or Ear Disorders, The Endocrine System, The Reproductive System, Some Reproductive Disorders in Males and Females, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Ovulation and Fertilization, The Formation of a New Human Being, The Onset of Labor, Labor or Delivery, Infertility, Assisted Reproduction Methods