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BERKANA LANGUAGE LLC is an approved provider of continuing education classes for the Office of Court Administration (JBCC) in Texas, the American Translators Association – ATA.

NEW!  In view of the large amount of Immigration cases, many with interpreters who are not SOSi certified, occurring all along the US/Mexico border, as well as in other ports of entry, Berkana Language LLC has prepared a 40-page Immigration terminology glossary from English to Spanish for interpreters who may feel somewhat insecure with new words and meanings.  We will send the e-mail file to you for free (via e-mail, not mailed through USPS) to anyone who wants or needs it, and you can print it and take it with you, please use the contact page and we will send it to you immediately. We hope that many of you will help Immigration staff to help the immigrants and their children, so that all may know what is actually going on during the hearings.  Thank you!!!  

(From M. Eta Trabing, who came to the U.S. with a husband and 2 sons as immigrants in 1963; who all became US citizens in 1968, with two more sons already citizens by birth. Now you know why I had to do this!)